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Core Banking

Teller and Platform

Setting up a new account should be easy. With FPS GOLD, it is. We walk you through the process of opening an account, whether the application is made online or in person. Document imaging and signature capture work seamlessly with Platform, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

And once the account is set up, it's just as simple to run transactions on it. Teller is so easy to learn, you can become a teller in one day. Transactions post instantly to your general ledger.

  • Both Teller and Platform are customizable. We can modify them to fit your needs.
  • You can easily enter all the details during account creation, reducing after-the-fact changes.
  • We can grow with you; if you need to add new products, we can add them quickly.
  • Teller and Platform support all facets of deposits—savings, checking, retirement accounts, and CDs.
  • We have a direct connection with the Federal Reserve Wire system.
  • You can quickly create and print MICR-encoded checks when you need them.


Checking, savings, retirement accounts, and CDs are just the beginning. With the FPS GOLD deposit system, you can also easily calculate service charges, manage safe deposit boxes, create custom letters, and more:

  • Create mobile deposits with Remote Deposit Capture.
  • Send imaged statements, either printed or electronic.
  • Easily attach imaged documents and electronic signatures to your deposit accounts.
  • Send combined statements and combined checks to an account owner with multiple accounts.
  • For commercial accounts, you can set up account analysis, sweep, and Positive Pay.
  • Positive Pay allows customers to specify which checks will be withdrawn from their account.


FPS GOLD offers an inclusive and integrated loan servicing package for commercial, mortgage, and consumer lending. Everything is online and real-time.

  • All the information you have on a borrower (other accounts and personal information) appears in loan screens. You don't have to spend time looking for it.
  • We give you full support for construction loans and collections.
  • You can easily create and view online reports, customized to your needs.
  • Our loan origination system helps you track loans from application to closing.
  • You can create event letters for ARM adjustments, payoffs, delinquencies, and more.


Like everything else in the FPS GOLD core solutions, our general ledger, accounts payable, fixed assets, and payroll are fully integrated in the accounting system. This means that everything you enter in the deposit, loan, and teller systems posts instantly to the general ledger.

Our flexible reporting lets you create on-demand reports using live, real-time data, customized to your needs. With no hard closing dates, you can make back-dated or post-dated entries and pull unlimited reports at no additional cost to you.

  • Accounts payable makes it easy to track vendors, invoices, and checks paid. You can also easily pay vendors with ACH and create IRS reports for 1099 vendors.
  • You can track all fixed assets and prepaids for depreciation on either book or tax basis.
  • Our payroll system tracks employee earnings, deductions, and benefits on various pay cycles, including bonuses or other special pay cycles.
  • Easily create and electronically file required reports: quarterly and annual reports for federal and state taxes, year-end, and W2; Social Security Administration reports; 941 reports for FICA and Medicare.


FPS GOLD gives you several ways to create reports quickly and cleanly from our SQL database. Robust and customizable to your needs, our tools let you view reports online whenever you need them.

  • Build ad hoc reports to gather data from loans, deposits, customer information, and the general ledger.
  • Schedule reports to automatically generate and be printed, emailed, or downloaded to a file.
  • Extract and filter data from reports or text files directly to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Search for, display, and query reports from the nightly afterhours process.

Relationship Management

A young man applies for his first car loan, but he has only $100 in deposits and no credit history. His grandmother—who also has an account at your bank—could co-sign for him, but you don't know they are related, so you turn him down. With the FPS GOLD customer relationship management system, this story could have a happy ending.

If you know your customers, you can serve them better—and increase your business. Who are your best customers? Where are your cross-selling opportunities? One click gives you all the information about a customer: phone number, address, accounts, and relationships to other customers.

  • All your customer information is integrated with the loan and deposit systems.
  • In many systems, you can have more than one instance of a person. We filter out the duplications.
  • You can grade customers, rank them, and determine your best customers or who you can cross-sell to.