Additional Services

FPS GOLD raises the bar when it comes to support services. Ongoing training, technical support, and thorough documentation are part of the package.

Training and Learning Resources

  • Scheduled online classes teach you about software updates or other features.
  • Web-based multimedia training demonstrates how to use the software.
  • At the annual Directions conference, you can attend classes taught by FPS GOLD experts.
  • You can request customized instruction during your Account Manager's quarterly visit to your bank.
  • We send out a quarterly compliance newsletter, including reporting due dates.

Network Control Center

The FPS GOLD network engineers design and install a complete hardware and software system to meet your needs. Then they are available 24/7 for on-call support to help you maintain and service your network.

State-of-the-Art Security and Fraud Protection

  • Our security system includes firewalls, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, and virus protection.
  • Most banks report less than 10% success for detecting fraud and money laundering. FPS GOLD has partnered with Verafin to provide the best fraud and anti-money-laundering protection available.

Disaster Recovery

What would happen to your data in the event of a disaster? FPS GOLD's Disaster Recovery System ensures that your data is backed up and available within minutes at our secure offsite storage location. Read more about our updated solution.

Document Imaging/File Management

All your documents—images, emails, PDF, text, word-processing files, and more—can be stored electronically with our document imaging tools. Then you can easily index, move, export, edit, print, email, or delete files.

Full-Service Statement Processing

Distributing paper statements is expensive for you. Our automated mailing service saves you time and money. Less handling means fewer mistakes.


  • Help on how to use the screens and fields pops up when you click on a field.
  • Programming updates, user guides, information on reports, and other technical details are available online.